Florida Sea Turtle nesting season is well underway! The nesting season began in May and lasts until October. In Florida, we are graced with 5 different types of sea turtles that choose to lay their eggs on our sandy beaches. DYK:  Sea turtles have been around for over a 110 million years and all of them are either on the endangered or threatened list.  

Chances are, if you have been on the beach, you might spot areas that are taped off with signs like ‘Do Not Disturb, Sea Turtle Nest’ this time of year. 

Fun Sea Turtle Facts

  • Sea turtles are one of the few ocean creatures that eat sea grass. Manatees join Sea Turtles as grass grazers.
  • Dune vegetation grows and becomes stronger from the nutrients of the turtle eggs.
  • The marine and beach ecosystems would be impacted in a negative way if sea turtles went extinct.
  • Only approximately 1 out of 1000 hatchlings make it to adulthood.
  • Artificial lighting on the beach may deter females from nesting on the beach.
  • Incubation of eggs are between 45 to 55 days.
  • Sea turtles cannot see red, amber or orange lights.
  • The average lifespan of a sea turtle is 80 years.

What can humans do to help the sea turtles? 

  • Turn off your lights during sea turtle nesting season.
  • Do not feed or disturb sea turtles and/or nests.
  • Don’t leave your garbage on the beach.
  • Throw old fishing line away.
  • Participate in a beach clean up day. 
  • Fill in holes on the beach to avoid a sea turtle from falling in. Holes and sand castles can create obstacles for the sea turtles. 
  • Keep lawn chairs away from nesting areas.
  • Don’t light fireworks near nests.

One of the beautiful things about living on the beachside in Ormond or Daytona Beach is the abundance of nature! What really makes the beachside so special is the unspoiled beaches and the wonderful people of the community.

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