Home improvements that increase property value are sometimes necessary.  When it is time to sell, often times a home seller will make repairs or upgrades prior to placing their property on the market. Some times, however, what THEY value in a home may not actually increase the property value over the long haul.

Home Improvements that Increase Property Value

Here is a list of things you can do prior to selling to increase the value of your home.

  • Use neutral colors to paint the interior and exterior walls of your property. Painting your property makes the home look clean and new.
  • Hire someone to deep clean your home prior to placing it on the market.
  • Replace worn and dirty carpet with new carpet or tile. Not only will it spruce up your property, it will freshen the air.
  • Plant a shade tree. The more mature, the more of an increase in value. Not only will it beautify your yard, it will also save you $$$ in cooling costs.
  • Update your entrance way. You can either replace the front door or change out the hardware. New knobs, door bell, and/or a front light can make a big difference.
  • Update or upgrade your bathroom. Bathrooms can be and usually are a make or break for the property.
  • Update or upgrade your kitchen. New appliances will help sell. Try for low energy consumers.
  • Landscaping. Curb appeal is what sends a potential buyer into your home or what keeps them moving along to the next.

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