Selling a home can wind up being pretty stressful. There is a lot of preparation and planning that goes along with selling. In most cases, another property must be purchased and closings must take place right after another. Selling a home is challenging enough and having to purchase another can cause one to be overwhelmed. Many things can be overlooked as the process gets hectic. A good agent will share these little tidbits with you before you place your property on the market.

The 411 That Home Sellers Should Know

  • Honesty Is the key to a successful sale. That means if you have liens on the property or have a debt that needs to be paid, it is important and a lot easier to solve these problems ahead of time rather than in the 11th hour. Real estate agents have seen a lot and experienced a lot and are here to help! After all, each home seller situation is different, so their knowledge can vary. Keep in mind that liens and some debt may take time to clear up. A good title company will assist too!
  • Be Realistic Agents will present facts to you in terms of pricing, condition and the marketability of your property. Just remember, it is the ‘solds’ that matter the most rather than what is on the market. Sometimes being the highest priced property in the neighborhood can delay your move. Look at the facts and base your pricing according to what has already sold.
  • Safety FirstThere are times an excited home buyer might just knock on your door. Never let a stranger in your home without a real estate agent. It is always better to be safe than sorry. If a buyer knocks on your door, have them call your agent.
  • Secure Your Belongings Home showings and open houses can get hectic. We advise you to secure your valuables such as watches, jewelry and money. It is better to lock up your valuables than take the risk of losing them.
  • Alarm Systems and Security CamerasIf you have them, utilize them and more importantly make sure your agent is aware of the alarm system. We do not want the police department or fire department to come out for it to be a false alarm.
  • Pets and PeoplePeople love animals but not all animals love people, especially strangers. If you have a pet who is leery of people, make sure your agent is aware. Most agents will add comments in the multiple listing service about your pet if they know.

These are just a few things that sometimes get overlooked when selling a property. EXIT Beach Realty agents try very hard to think of every scenario that may impact you! Contact one today to start the home selling process.

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