Your REALTOR has done this before. Real estate agents advise home sellers with the best kept secrets in selling a home everyday. An experienced professional will walk through and then consult to help you sell your property fast and for top dollar! Sometimes home sellers have homework to do before placing their property on the market.

Don’t Rush Listing Your Home If You Want Home Buyers To See Your Property In It’s Best Light

Let’s face it, selling a home requires a lot of work done prior to the first showing. Pricing and appearance speak volumes when it comes to real estate buyers. Why not jump start the process before calling an agent.

Best Kept Secrets In Selling A Home

De-Clutter – Get rid of it, pack it up, or donate things that you do not use. If your intention is to move why not just start the process?Did you know that homes will appear larger with less “stuff” in it! Open spaces and walls can allow home buyers to see more of the property rather than your stuff. Not only will it help to see your property in it’s best light, you will a have jump start on your packing. One less thing you have to do prior to moving.

Closets – Who doesn’t want plenty of closet space? Maybe your closets are small. There isn’t much you can do about the actual size, but a solution would be to clean out those closets; pack it up or donate items. Get organized! Closets and storage are big selling points in properties. The fewer the items, the larger the closet appears. The best advice we can give is to look at your home like a potential buyer would!

Counter-tops – Kitchen and bathrooms sometimes have so much personal stuff laying around that it is hard for a home buyer to see beyond the things. When you remove items from counter-tops, you’ll find that a large counter looks even larger! Always remember when it comes to ‘stuff’ while selling a property, less is more! Large counter tops and space are huge selling points when it comes to selling a house.

The Garage – Some garages are used solely for storage space rather than cars. If your garage is filled with stuff, maybe it is time to have a garage sale and reorganize. Know that many people want a garage, especially in the State of Florida where heat can have an effect on your car’s paint. Often times the washer and dryer are in the garage and is an active part of the house. Make it look good because the garage matters!

Lighting – Remove the curtains and open up the blinds. Change light bulbs if need be. Natural lighting is very important to many home buyers. When a home is dark it makes it look dingy and cold. Light tends to brighten up the atmosphere and warmth and cheeriness is what buyers are looking for, in other words Home!

Depersonalize – Not everyone has the same taste when it comes to decorations. If you have a lot of photos on the wall, you might consider taking them down. A refrigerator magnet collection on your fridge might also turn a home buyer off. Removing your personal things on walls, knick-knacks and such will not only open up your property, it will allow home buyers to see themselves in the property so much easier without your stuff!

We could create a huge list of selling tips and some of the best kept secrets when it comes to selling a property. Unfortunately, many times these tasks get over looked because a home seller is anxious to get their property marketed. Just remember, 1st impressions transform into a lasting impression. Do these things first and then contact an EXIT Beach Realty real estate agent!