Home Selling Tips – Be Show Ready

Some times people who list their homes struggle with keeping their property show ready at all times. Life gets busy and when it is time to show their home, they get embarrassed and cancel a showing. Remember that real estate is a numbers game.

Understand the more people who see your home, the more likely you will sell in the time frame in which you need to get you where you want to go. We see it happen often when done right. Here are home selling tips on how to be show ready in a moments notice.

The Kitchen

  • No one wants to see a kitchen dirty so wipe down the counter tops and remove some of the items that can appear to make your kitchen smaller. Open space equals bigger space.
  • Keep your appliances clean. Give everything a quick wipe down.
  • Sweep up the floor daily or at least sweep up crumbs and don’t forget to shake the rugs.
  • Add fragrance in the air.

The Bathroom

  • Keep the toilets, sinks and showers clean at all times.
  • Bathroom floors attract all the hair in the house. The hair travels to corners of the bathroom. A quick sweep daily can make a huge difference.

The Living Room and Family Room

  • Straighten up before you go to bed every night. If you spent 30 minutes a night straightening up your entire house, you will be able to keep things much neater.
  • Throw out old newspapers, put your mail away and keep the floor clean.

The Bedrooms

  • Encourage everyone to make their beds in the morning before they leave for work or school.
  • Take the laundry to either the laundry room or put it in your hamper.


  • Keep cat boxes clean.
  • Reduce pet odors by spraying or clean if need be.


  • Put things away after using them such as tools, equipment and things that have a place outdoors.
  • Pick up kids toys after use.

Many real estate agents will make recommendations as far as the appearance of your home goes. They may ask you to remove personal items, declutter and get organized. This type of advice will only help you to move and at the same time will help your property to be seen in it’s best light.

It is never easy trying to live in your house and keep your property show ready at all times. Our best advice, spend 30 minutes at night straightening up your house and do the same in the morning. What would you do to keep your property show ready?

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